We are committed to a better world. Considering the impact on society and the environment is becoming increasingly important. We try to become a bit more sustainable every day, also for our customers.


We do everything we can to limit the impact on the environment, unfortunately this is not always possible. That's why we like to compensate for our CO2-emissions. For example, we donate to Trees for All for our own work, keeping our services online and the work we deliver to you. By planting trees together, we contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions for everyone.

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Our own website runs on Dutch servers that are supplied with 100% green energy. We choose to partner with hosting providers that gives back to the environment and hope you do too. Boendoek likes to think along.



Sustainable Development Goals.

To contribute to sustainable development, we donate to FairClimateFund. With this we compensate two tons of CO2, which is roughly equivalent to the gas and energy consumption of our operations in a year, and we contribute to better living conditions for people in vulnerable areas. Through the projects we support, we are committed to the following goals:

Birds, bees & business.

In the south of Burkina Faso, many women depend on the harvesting and processing of shea nuts. The processing thereof has an impact on the environment. In particular, cooking the nuts on a traditional “three stone fire” means that a lot of wood is used. FairClimateFund offers the possibility to use improved cooking appliances. These are made from local materials and reduce wood consumption by 23.4% and thus the pressure on trees.

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