About us.

Good branding counts in a world that is constantly online. We go for well-thought-out concepts and beautifully designed interfaces that make users happy. Both digitally and in print.


You don't want to do nothing for an unnecessarily long time with a new idea or creative inspiration. We are flexible and always available for you.


You design together. In this way you remain continuously involved and we listen to your wishes and ideas.


Continue until it's really finished. That's boendoek. As you envision it, so shall it be. Until the last finishing touch.

I am a passionate designer, but above all someone who thinks along with you.

Denzel Soehani

I offer inspiration, motivation and a sympathetic ear.

Faye Kostópoulos


“I was impressed by the broad knowledge and the young and inspiring atmosphere. It was a very nice collaboration that I can recommend to everyone.”

Annemarie Passenier — Groenlokaal

We are boendoek,
who are you?

We are ready for all your questions, ideas and wishes. Nothing is too crazy, just let us know.